Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Give away wedding gift

the origin idea of making the coin purse for wedding are suppose to buried against my will. out of sudden I had suggested to my friend who gonna be marry soon.after begging and a few assurance to him ..he finally agree to my idea.I had promise to make 200 pieces of coin purse with different color and shape.
I had made a very cute square coin purse and I had tried make a few shape such as half circle but couldn't make it neat.since I was quite new on the sewing thing , then I stick to square coin purse.
price.. I had not decide yet bout the price since I was the one who begging him to give the opportunity to contribute the sewing activity to put up on my list and yet I was grateful by not charge and let him decide the price.
its been almost 4 week I had to come back to my mother house to use her machine in making of coin purse.even though it's a little bit of tight timing but I had passionate in sewing those small freaking handmade.hope my work gonna be fun and fascinate me during my war zone with my unstable emotion disorder.

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