ABout Me

Currently been living at Putrajaya.
i am addicted to fabric.
i love color and combined them to another color
striking color attract me the most
my need never can be fulfill
the hunger make me fabricholic

my life as government servant never complete me & yet
life as law a student, thrill me the most
eager to be a wife to my lovely soul mate
travel is pleasure.

Other than that....

:: Currently been living in Putrajaya :: 

:: Massive fan of Korean series and the movies :: 

 :: addicted to watch movies ::

:: favorite show is supernatural , Dexter , Merlin & other :: 

:: i am a bit senile ::

:: Strongly against bias, animal abuse, misuse of power and discrimination :: 

 :: Always feel humans are being cruel to the world :: 

:: so in love study in law very much :: 

:: Terrible at playing any sports :: 

:: get frustrated with own-self very easily ::  

:: Secret ambition is to be a minister which is now no longer a secret :: 

::   Huge crush on adyputra :: 

:: scared with worm :: 

::   Love to sleep ::

:: Didn’t know that I'm a bad tempered ::

:: Always keep myself in my room, can be ridiculously happy ::

:: hate wearing seat-belt while driving ::

:: i am very outspoken, so bear with it ::

:: need at least 3 pillows for a good sleep ::

:: favorite flower is rose ::

:: Easily to be pissed off when people like to dig out my life ::

:: Fall asleep easily ::

:: adore to people who can behave themselves and achieve a good life ::

:: Have one experience car spinning on the road ::

:: don't test me on friendship, I'm vulnerable ::

:: love to take photo of my own ::

:: love rainbow and rain ::

:: Eating is my pleasure ::

:: Love my current job ::

:: Dream guy is someone who is extremely charm, calm, funny and active in any sports ::

:: i have big hope on everything but i'm very good on repeating the same mistake until i realize that it just to good to be true which got me so blind and blunt-hearted..

high speed machine to ease my mind

email me at pinkscurve@gmail.com



  1. isyh,....
    lawa nyer banner site nih kan??,....

  2. well done kak sha..
    u did great job.
    nnt iza nak tempah langsir bole?



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