Thursday, March 31, 2011

i made my Own Label

i don't know...its just me..if i want to do it..i dont hold back..i go for it.
since i need 250 tag label for the door gift hence i really need to work something out.
after 4.30 pm ...i take ride went to Low yat Plaza to buy Hp Iron transfer. I asked retail assistance for that particular item but most of the shop have no idea what i am looking for..after a number of shop i have enter..finally i got it ....yet discount are given to me since i coming from putrajaya..haha...

i continue my journey to Jln TAR to find a cloth but when i reach Nagoya its already close.  i reach home at almost 9pm bcoz i was stuck in jammed. Take a shower n install the stuff that require me to do so and few attempt and..i got it right even though not that good enough but still cool..thanks to Collin for his opinion which i appreciate it  and support by Siti which has helping me to design and make it right.

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