Saturday, March 5, 2011

i have been busy

these lately Ive been so busy ..workload getting me stuck on middle of obligation , exam will be coming soon yet i had no chance to make a past year question. Routine make my time so limited nevertheless i miss my nephew  so much.those adorable cute baby make me think bout them repeatably.therefore i need to see them n cuddle them because after this i will be freaking busy to prepare my BIG things.Exam will be on April and i really need to make something from my heart.i just love my life as what it is.There is so much many thing to do but i have limited time to get things done as what i plan.all of it drive me crazy.. i need time on my sleeping , my chores , my movie , my sewing , my window shopping, my study <---which so far important than anything else.and almost forgot my work..i need to create system so i don't get myself in the mess.

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